3m FT30 Bitter Face Fit Test Kit

3M FT30 Bitter Face Fit Test Kit

3M FT32 Bitter Test Solution

3M FT32 Bitter Test Solution

3M FT31 Bitter Sensitivity Solution

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The FT31 Bitter Sensitivity Solution allows an individual to test whether their particulate or gas/ vapour respirator provides adequate protection. If the respirator-face seal does not provide satisfactory protection, the user will detect a bitter taste on completion of the test. One bottle is suffieicent to perform 30-40 tests.

The FT31 Bitter Sensitivity Solution enables a user to check the respirator-face seal on all types of particulate or gas/ vapour respirators. If the mask no longer provides satisfactory protection, the user will notice a bitter taste when the test is being carried out. The 55ml bottle is sufficient to perform 30-40 tests. This product is also available with a sweet tasting solution, however not all of the population can detect that so in that case the bitter solution should be used.

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