1. Best Respiratory Solution for Spray Painting Business

     respiratory solution for spray painting

    Gone are the days when people used paint brushes or rollers. They have now become obsolete or only used for home projects. On the contrary, spray painting is gaining momentum in the painting industry because of its ability to cover large areas in less time. However, spray painting has its own risks that can lead to severe hazards if not handled properly. Thus, professionals use respiratory solutions to avoid the hazards spray painting business is prone to.

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  2. Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Protective Coveralls

    important factors to consider when purchasing protective coveralls

    Recent studies have concluded that workers' safety in an organization is directly proportional to their productivity, keeping other factors aside. Thus, organizations must keep workers' safety their number one priority, especially if they work in dangerous environments. Besides ensuring that the work equipment is of the standard quality, workers also need to be provided with the necessary protective equipment to ensure their utmost safety.

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  3. All You Need to Know About Surgical Masks

    all you need to know about surgical masks

    Face masks have been in use for a long time to protect workers from harmful particulates and respiratory diseases. The full-face and half-face respirators, surgical masks, and dust masks have been in use to protect people working in conditions that may harm their health, such as mining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, etc. However, the use of face masks, typically the FFP3 and FFP2 masks, became more predominant after the pandemic, i.e., Covid-19. The surgical masks, which were only used by medical professionals earlier, became common amongst the masses. Even now, they are being frequently used to safeguard themselves from air particulates and aerosols. But surgical masks don’t necessarily are suited for everyone. Before you wear a surgical mask and venture out, you must know all about how to use them.

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  4. Best Protective Face Masks When Flying

    best protective face masks when flying

    Respirator shop has been advising and providing respiratory protection & PPE for hospitals and businesses alike for over 18 years including all recent pandemics.

    We therefore speak from a position of authority when we say that there is currently online a great deal of both misinformation and disinformation regarding masks & the protection levels they actually provide.

    There are many online advertorials & online magazine articles promoting what are purely basically face coverings as incorrectly offering protection for flying.

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  5. Best PPE Equipment for Logistic and Transportation

    best ppe equipment for logistic and transportation

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) can include items such as helmets, gloves, eye protection, hazmat suits, high-visibility clothing, safety boots, safety harnesses, earplugs, ear protectors, and respiratory protective equipment (RPE): N95 masks UK, 3M Respirator and JSP Force 8.

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