Dust Masks & Respirators

  1. When Should You Wear a Respiratory Face Mask

    When Should You Wear a Respiratory Face MaskYou probably would have effectuated the notion “Prevention is better than cure” multiple times in life. From deciding essential medicines before going on a trip to getting regular check-ups done to ensure physical well being, a little cautiousness certainly goes a long way.

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  2. HSE Safety Alert Issued against KN95 facemask

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today Thursday 11th June issued an alert against the use of KN95 facemasks as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), urging all employers and suppliers not to purchase or use KN95 facemasks as PPE.

    As per our previous article regarding fake masks & companies with no respiratory protective experience of protection selling these products, the HSE have issue the alert against all KN95 masks due to the fact they are

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  3. Fake & Illegal Face Masks Don't Get Scammed

    Companies and the general public have little experience of the regulations regarding protective levels for face coverings & protective masks or details of what masks are actually legally allowed to be sold in this country and are so face being ripped of with illegal fake products.

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  4. Know Everything About Coronavirus and How to Avoid It

    A newly identified respiratory illness known coronavirus broke out in China a few days back. And currently, it seems to be spreading around through people who are travelling from Wuhan. Read on to learn about Coronavirus and how can you prevent it?

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  5. 3 Steps to Properly Care for your 3M Respirator

    The respirator is an essential piece of safety equipment in the workplace. It protects workers from breathing in harmful gases, toxins, vapours and other tiny airborne particles. Respirators must be in good condition for it to function effectively. 

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