Asbestos Bags (Pack of 50)

Asbestos Bags (Pack of 50)

Asbestos Protection Kit

Asbestos Protection Kit (White or Blue)

Asbestos Bags (Pack of 100) Red / Clear Colours

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This pack of 100 heavy-duty Asbestos Bags can be ordered as either 100 red bags, 100 clear bags, or the mixed option containing 50 red and 50 clear bags.  The heaviest bags duty available, UN Certified & council approved.  Smaller pack sizes also available.



Asbestos Bags 100 Red / Clear Bags 

      • UN Certified for the latest UK Regulations for Asbestos Waste & Disposal Bags
      • 100 Asbestos Bags red and clear Size: 900mm x 1200mm
      • 3 Selection Options - 100 Red Bags, 100 Clear Bags or Mixed 50 Red/50 Clear Asbestos Disposal Bags
      • Asbestos Aware Labelling

All asbestos waste bags must be double-bagged and securely tagged placing all waste into the red asbestos bag followed by asbestos bags red and clear.

Alternative Asbestos Removable Bag Pack Sizes:

  1. 25 UN Certified Waste Bag Pack
  2. 50 UN Certified Waste Bag pack
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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are Asbestos Bags required to be a certain thickness?

Only UN certified asbestos bags can be used for asbestos waste & they are certified by the asbestos waste weight that they can hold. There is a range of different asbestos removal bags ranging from 10kg bags to thicker heavy-duty 30kg bags. The heavy-duty 30kg bags are recommended to reduce the likelihood of the bag splitting & exposing dangerous asbestos fibres.

02. Are there different types of Asbestos waste Bags?

Asbestos waste bags are available for different waste weights such as 10kg, 20kg and 30kg bags ie light, medium & heavy duty asbestos removal bags.

The bags are 900mm x 600mm in size and also come in two different colours such as clear asbestos bags & red asbestos bags. The latter is slightly smaller in size.

03. What bags are required for Asbestos Waste?

General waste sacks or not allowed to be used for asbestos waste & only specific UN certified asbestos disposal bags can be used to dispose of asbestos waste. The certified bags warn that they contain dangerous asbestos waste & marked UN 2212 UN 2590. There are 2 different coloured asbestos bags required for your waste, the red asbestos bag & the clear asbestos bag. It is required that all waste is double bagged and should first be placed in the red bag & sealed. It is then double-bagged within the clear bag and sealed with tape. It is important that this is done as carefully as possible so that fibres are not released through breakage & that the bags are not overfilled to prevent splitting. Any PPE used should also be placed within the clear bag.

Due to the dangerous nature of asbestos fibres the correct asbestos PPE should be worn when removing asbestos waste.

04. How to correctly dispose of Household Asbestos Waste?

Hazardous Material Asbestos Waste Fibre Containment
General Asbestos Waste Double bag in UN 2212 UN 2590 Certified 30kg asbestos bags
Asbestos insulation Dampen any insulation removed Double bag into the red & clear bags Dispose of the whole pipe if insulation is closely wrapped around.
Asbestos Pipe Cement Dampen & double bag all asbestos fragments
Drywall Dampen & double bag all asbestos fragments Into 30kg bags