PureFlo Purelite XStream 8Hr Battery Pack

PureFlo Purelite XStream 8Hr Battery Pack

PUREFLO Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders: 29dB Noise Reduction for Industrial Safety

Experience Superior Hearing Protection with PUREFLO Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

Introduction: Step into a world of unmatched hearing safety with the PUREFLO Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders. Designed for the demanding conditions of industrial workplaces, these ear defenders provide a robust 29dB noise reduction, ensuring your hearing is protected even in the noisiest environments.

Key Features: Unparalleled Noise Reduction The PUREFLO Ear Defenders are engineered to offer a significant 29dB noise reduction, making them ideal for use in high-decibel industrial settings. Universal Helmet Compatibility Thanks to their innovative mounting system, these ear defenders attach seamlessly to a wide range of safety helmets, ensuring a secure fit for all users. Ergonomic Comfort Designed with your comfort in mind, the PUREFLO Ear Defenders feature cushioned ear pads and an adjustable fit, allowing for all-day wear without discomfort. Durable and Reliable Constructed from high-quality materials, these ear defenders are built to last, providing reliable hearing protection in even the toughest work environments. Specifications: Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 29dB Compatibility: Fits most industrial safety helmets Material: High-impact, durable plastic and soft, comfortable ear padding Weight: Lightweight design for comfort

How to Use: Easily attach your PUREFLO Ear Defenders to your safety helmet using the simple clip-on system. Adjust the ear cups for a comfortable, snug fit and enjoy unparalleled noise protection as you work. Maintenance and Care: Maintain the effectiveness of your PUREFLO Ear Defenders by cleaning them with a soft, damp cloth. Replace the ear cushions as needed to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene.


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