Moldex Face FIt Visor (Spare Hood) (Code 0106)

Moldex Face Fit Visor (Spare Hood) (Code 0106)

Face Fit Nebuliser

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This product is designed to create a small mist using a testing solution to determine if a complete seal is present between the mask and the users face to maximise an individuals safety in the workplace. This fit test can be performed on all tight-fitting respirators, with exception to full-face masks.

The face fit nebuliser is necessary to perform qualitative fit testing for all tight-fitting respirators to maximise an individuals safety in the workplace (with exception to full-face masks). The nebuliser creates a small mist from the bitter/ sweet-tasting test substance. If the user notices any taste, it indicates that the seal has been broken and the user must be refitted. This procedure is safe to repeat.

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