Moldex 7000 FFP3 Half Mask & P3 Filter

Moldex 7000 FFP3 Half Mask & P3 Filter

Moldex Full Face Respirator Mask  (Moldex 9000 Series)

Moldex Full Face Respirator Mask (Moldex 9000 Series) & P3 Filters

JSP Force 8 Press to Check Half Mask with P3 Cartridge

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This JSP Force 8 Half Mask comes with a Press to Check P3 Cartridge. The press to check design helps to ensure that the JSP FFP3 Mask is fitted correctly and is providing a strong and secure seal. This durable half mask provides a very comfortable and effective fit for the user thanks to its thermoplastic rubber material and its adjustable 4-point cradle suspension system. It includes reflective strips to improve visability in areas where there is reduced lighting. It also has a low resistance Typhoon™ Exhalation Valve to make breathing easier whilst wearing. This mask was the winner of the Winner of the BSIF Product Innovation Award and is suitable for use in areas where asbestos mask is present plus protects against particulates, vapours and also various gases.

JSP Filters for Particulate & Fume Protection


JSP Force 8 Half Mask Respirator & P3

  • Force 8 JSP Masks UK
  • Includes P3 press to check filter
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Reflective Strips
  • Typhoon™ Exhalation Valve
  • Mask Conforms to EN140
  • Filter Conforms to EN14387:2004 and EN143:200
  • Press to Check Filters
  • Award Winning
  •  Code BHT0A3-0L5-X00

Additional Spare JSP Filters for particulate & Fume protection.

More Information
Box Quantity1
Rated LevelP3
Filter TypeParticle
Filter ClassP3R
Compatible FiltersBMN990-001-700, F8002, F8003, F8110, F8112, F8120, F8123, F8510, F8512, F8710, F8713
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01: Do the Press to Check filters on the Force 8 Mask mean we do not need to face fit staff?

Whilst the Force 8 mask fitted with Press to Check filters enables the user to check they have a secure safe seal every time they require protection (Similar to undertaking a face fit every time) however at this time the HSE still require masks to be face fitted. (If your company requires face fitting of staff please email and we shall try and assist. We run a full national face fitting service-please refer to our face fit testing section)

02: What APF (Assigned Protection Factor does the Force 8 Respirator with Press to Check P3 filter Provide?

The JSP Force 8 mask respirator & P3 press to check filters provide and APF x20. If a higher level of protection is required, and APF 40 would be achieved with the Force 10 Full Face mask & P3 press to check filter (SKU 366-P3)

03: How do you clean & maintain the Force 8 Half Mask?

The lifespan of the Force 8 mask can be maximised with the correct maintenance & cleaning for improved hygiene & reduction in ongoing costs.

  • Disassemble
    • Remove filters & discard if blocked
    • Remove exhalation valve cover
    • Remove harness
    • Remove diaphragm
  • Clean
    • Wash mask body in soapy water
    • Clean exhalation valve cover
    • Clean diaphragm
    • Air dry all components before reassembly
  • Reassemble
    • Replace diaphragm
    • Replace harness
    • Replace exhalation valve cover
    • Replace filters (New if required)


What is a half Mask?

Reusable Respirators that cover both the nose & mouth are termed half mask respirators. Reusable masks that cover the whole face are called Full Face masks & provide protection for the eyes against dusts & irritants. Full face masks also provide a higher level of protection with an apf 40 vs apf 20.

Filters & gas cartridges are required for both masks, the type of filter required dependent on the hazard encountered.

What are the safety standards required for reusable masks?

All full face masks are required to reach the minimum safety standard EN 136:1998

Half masks except escape apparatus and diving half masks are required to reach EN 140:1998 safety standard.

Respiratory protective mask gas and particulate filters are required to be at EN 14387:2007 standard for unassisted respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

Should I use a disposable mask or a reusable mask?

The respiratory mask required for the job in hand is dependent on the hazard encountered. This is also true as regards the level of protection required.

Dust masks are lighter to wear than half face masks and the appropriate protective grade should be selected. Full masks & half masks are the only respiratory protective equipment (RPE) that should be worn when protection is required with airborne substances and vapours. Full face masks will always offer a higher level or protection.


Dust-solid particles or general sizes
Mist-Aqueos mist created by evaporated liquid

Dust masks FFP1/FFP2/FFP3
Half & Full Face Masks + P Filter


Gas & Vapours-substances that are
normally airborne or generated through evaporation or boiling

Half mask & P filter + A/B/E/K or combined filter

Full Face Mask & P filter + A/B/E/K or combined filter

See our filter section for the relevant filters required.

Do I need a Full Face Mask or a Half Mask?

Full Face masks offer a higher level of protection than half face masks due to improve seal created around the whole face rather than just the nose and mouth. The full face mask also provides protection for the eyes against liquid splashes as well irritating vapours and dust.

When working with hazards that can irritate the eyes such as fine dusts or spray paint for example a full face mask maybe more appropriate to use.

A half mask provides an APF (Assigned Protection Factor) APF UK 20 whereas the Full Face Mask provides the higher level of protection APF UK 40.

What filters do I Require for my reusable Mask?

P1 Protects from non-toxic dust & water based aerosol
P2 Protects from slightly toxic or irritating solids, aerosols or liquids
P3 Protects from solid aerosols and toxic liquids
A Organic vapours & gases with a boiling point of 65C & above (Solvents)
B Inorganic vapours & gases (Excluding Carbon Dioxide/Monoxide)
E Protects against Sulphur Dioxide & other Acidic Vapours & Gases
K Ammonia & its Organic Ammonia derivatives, Vapours & Gases