7 Craziest Examples of Health and Safety Gone Mad

Safety is undoubtedly a necessity and so is following the safety regulations. Use of the personal protective equipment safeguards us from getting harmed. Many PPE, like hard hats, dust masks, and gloves are commonly used to deal with hazards.

The best dust masks are used when working in the presence of any chemical or substance dissolved in the air that can be accidentally inhaled. A lot of work environments doesn’t impose any greater risk but still, the use of personal protective equipment is advised to give protection from minor health issues.

While working in a dust filled environment you are expected to wear disposable dust masks. So, these regulations are beneficial to follow.

But sometimes we hear the craziest examples of health and safety gone mad and think what that person was even thinking before putting this restriction? But then there’s always someone who has a tendency to take things a little bit too far.

7 Craziest Examples of Health and Safety Gone Mad

Here’s is the collection of few pettiest examples from past years that seem more like a lot of outrageously irrational restrictions imposed by someone over-sensitive or over-enthusiastic, all in the name of safety. Have a look at the safety rules imposed that look more like are meant to kill all the joy in the world or are just plain absurd.

    • In the name of additional safety, a school in Wallsend, Tyne banned children from running in the school playground in their playtimes just to ensure that they don’t get hurt while running wild in the playground. Now, what else for the playground are meant, if you ban it for playing. Though the reason behind this weird safety measure was a sad incident that happened in another school, a girl died when she fell while playing in the school playground in Twickenham
    • Another crazy example of a ban was kite flying banned on the beaches and the reason given behind it was that it imposes an aerial risk to other beachgoers. This rule with a fine was imposed in 2011 in Yorkshire. Again, a preventive measure that was taken too far.
    • A ban on the firing of actual mortars during training was imposed on British soldiers. The reason behind that was the explosion sound exceeded the permissible limit of 137 decibels even if the ear defenders were used.
    • Many fruits and nuts and even chocolates were banned to carry in the lunch boxes and the reason behind this silly ban was to ensure that the staff members don’t suffer from allergies. Now, this makes us wonder what one is supposed to bring in their lunchboxes if they wish to eat some fruit salad?
    • Royal Mail, in Devan, told the postal workers that during wet weather they should refrain from delivering posts to the houses located on the cobbled streets. It was assumed as a safety risk.
    • There was a ban on the usage of glasses with handles in pubs. The health and safety executive overturned this rule.
    • A blind girl was banned from using her walking cane because it was assumed that the cane was a trip hazard. This ban happened in a Bristol school.

Where we seemingly struggle to implement some of the necessary and required health and safety measures at the same time the world is full of examples of some ridiculously absurd regulations and precautions that are taken too seriously. You can’t even comprehend who approved these regulations and why these were deemed fit and even got implemented.


By applying all these rules can’t say exactly what people wanted to achieve but one thing for sure these the craziest measures taken to ensure health and safety.

Though not all health and safety measures are ridiculous like these. Some of them should be strictly followed like those used in the case of asbestos removal i.e. asbestos mask. It is required to ensure your safety and protection from this hazardous substance.

In addition to the masks, you will need asbestos bags for safe handling and removing of the asbestos waste. Not all regulations are bad and some must be followed but what to say about the ridiculous ones? Just drop them!