A Definitive Guide to Protect Against Chemical Attack

While the pace of development is fast in today’s world and new innovations and technologies are painting a perfect picture of the future with leading edge technologies facilitating the lives of every human. But with all these developments there is a major threat imposed in the form of mass destruction constructed by the use of man-made nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

The use of chemical and biological weapons for causing destruction will be most devastating than most of us realize. It is claimed that in the future terrorist attacks will be conducted by the large-scale use of biological or chemical weapons.

As the spread of viruses through biological weapons can inflict massive fatalities along with economic destruction. Whereas use of chemical weapons will be hazardous as it will immediately pollute the air, water and soil of the region, making it very difficult to survive the attack.

What is a Bio - Chemical Weapon?

A bio-chemical weapon is a man-made weapon that can be used to disperse bacteria, viruses and various toxins to cause diseases and death in humans. Biological and chemical weapons are the most damaging and uncontrollable weapons prepared by humans. When used, these impose a serious threat against the population.

But all our hopes are not lost. The bio-chemical attacks can be survived with the help of prompt actions and proper knowledge, in the time of crisis.

How to Protect Yourself Against a Chemical/Biological Weapon Attack?

While this will be a horrific situation but it is a crucial to be prepared for, in case if a chemical weapon attack is suspected. Here’s a step-by-step definitive guide with necessary information which will help prepare everyone for therequired readiness in any such crisis.

The only real way to survive such attacks is by reducing the odds of one’s exposure to the bacteria, viruses, or the chemicals after the news of a possible chemical and biological attack go out and people start falling sick and dying. But even if you accidently come in contact of these, immediately seek protection by following these guidelines for your survival.

    • As most of the chemical weapons are prepared by the use of chemical gases that are denser than air, which means when they are released in the open air, they will sink low to the ground level. So, the first protective measure one can take is to reach on an altitude. Climb to the highest point possible.
    • If accidently got exposed to the hazardous chemicals, immediately remove your clothes. The chemicals tend to cling to the clothing. So, it is very important to remove and safely dispose your clothing. If possible, cut your clothes to avoid further exposure of chemicals to your hands and face.
    • Wash your hands and parts of the body that got exposed to the chemical as quickly as possible,to remove the traces of the chemical from the skin. Wash your hands frequently and in addition to that use alcohol-based disinfectant.
    • Wear protective covering like protective dust masks, hand gloves, and clothing that covers all the body. This is essential to save yourself from the further exposure. Various types of face masks can be used like full face dust mask is best for protecting the eyes and protect the wearer from inhaling the germs and gases.
    • Avoid exposure to the infected people. In case of bio-chemical attacks the infection is easily spread from one person to the another. Avoid getting in direct contact with the infected people.
    • Stay away from public places and work from home. The after effects of these weapons lasts for a very long duration of time. It is never safe to go outside at public places.
    • Most of the chemicals and viruses are spread through air so use of a reusable respirator mask is advised. While surgical masks are only effective in the prevention of spreading of germs. A reusable respirator mask will protect the wearer from inhaling the germ/chemical gas.Use of face fit testing kit is also suggested.
    • Prepare yourself to face some disruption of the basic services such as, electricity, phone, which we usually take for granted.
    • Seek medical attention on the onset of symptoms. As the illness progresses the effectiveness of antidote or antiviral medicationdecreases. So prompt medical treatment is crucial and will prove life savior. Even if you don’t display symptoms of illness but were in close contact with someone who was infected, get yourself checked and seek medical care.
    • Stock food, water, other necessities and medicine supply in adequate amount. Carry a small amount of money with you at all the time.

The most important advice in such adversity is to keep calm. This is obvious but at the same time looks like the most difficult thing to do. Panicking will cause you to inhale more air and making rash decisions are not the wise thing to do. Your best defense will always be not to panic. Though the mere idea and thought of any bio-chemical attack freezes even the bravest person, yet keeping calm will be your best bet to come out of it alive.