Asbestos Masks and Bags

  1. Picking the right PPE for Safe Asbestos Removal

    Picking the right PPE for Safe Asbestos Removal

    Safe removal of asbestos has become a major concern as it was heavily used building material in pretty much all the constructions done in the mid-twentieth century. The asbestos ban came into effect in 1999 after the harmful effects of the material were ruled out. 

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  2. 7 Craziest Examples of Health and Safety Gone Mad

    Safety is undoubtedly a necessity and so is following the safety regulations. Use of the personal protective equipment safeguards us from getting harmed. Many PPE, like hard hats, dust masks, and gloves are commonly used to deal with hazards.

    The best dust masks are used when working in the presence of any chemical or substance dissolved in the air that can be accidentally inhaled. A lot of work environments doesn’t impose any greater risk but still, the use of personal protective equipment is advised to give protection from minor health issues.

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  3. What type of Mask is Used for Asbestos?

    What type of Mask is Used for Asbestos?

    There are a lot of tough jobs that are needed to be handled with utmost safety and these work environments rely upon following a whole lot of safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the employees working in it. Asbestos removal is one such job that imposes a huge health risk on the workers and can prove to be extremely hazardous for those who work in that environment.

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