Dust Masks & Respirators

  1. 3 Steps to Properly Care for your 3M Respirator

    The respirator is an essential piece of safety equipment in the workplace. It protects workers from breathing in harmful gases, toxins, vapours and other tiny airborne particles. Respirators must be in good condition for it to function effectively. 

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  2. Useful Tips to Minimize Dust When Cutting Concrete

    Stones, sands, and clays which contain considerable amounts of crystalline silica are used to make tiles and concrete. The dust particles which are produced while cutting these materials are hazardous to health and can even turn fatal. Therefore, it is important to use methods that can control dust in such environments and wear protective equipment such as a dust mask with filter.

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  3. Do Face Masks Protect Against Viruses?

    Do Face Masks Protect Against Viruses?

    In an outbreak of viral infection, the major concern is preventing the spread of the virus because airborne diseases spread fast and easily. Earlier, the only way to safeguard yourself was to take the vaccine.

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  4. What does a Dust Mask Protect you from?

    What does a Dust Mask Protect you from?

    Your dust mask is the last resolve if you’re present in any hazardous environment. It’s important for the workers to know how important a dust mask is and what does a dust mask protects you from? This information is vital as most of the workers deterred from wearing it and lack the awareness of how important it is to wear it right.

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  5. How to Choose between Half Face VS Full Face Respirators?

    How to Choose between Half Face VS Full Face Respirators?

    You might be aware of the importance of wearing personal protective equipment if your workplace imposes health risks. Certain work environments are not safe to work as they consist of harmful chemical dust, fumes, sprays, and other types of airborne particles dissolved in the air surrounding us and that can enter into the human body through breathing.

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