Companies and the general public have little experience of the regulations regarding protective levels for face coverings & protective masks or details of what masks are actually legally allowed to be sold in this country and are so face being ripped of with illegal fake products.

Many new “Supposed” PPE companies that have come out of the wood work to both scam people and profiteer from peoples fear.

We are approached everyday with fake CE marked masks, KN95 masks "Can do you a great deal mate"  "All Fully CE Certified mate.  I can send these to you"

Well they aren't.  We can imedaiely tell they are taotally fake.  We even have people trying to tell us "They offer the same protection"  They don't!! They are not legal to sell in the UK!!

Quite simply KN95 masks are not legally allowed to be sold in the UK-Please report these companies to you local Trading Standards.

Surgical masks supposedly offering "Unheard of levels of protection" " Or "we sell to the NHS"  I can gaurantee quite simply they don't because they have no correc certifictaion or fake certification for the product.

As a long established PPE company we have a duty of care to inform trading standards and medical bodies for investigation into the fake masks that people try to sell us in the UK.  This can lead to a hefty jail sentence. So be warned!

The simplest way to not be scammed or purchase a product with no REAL proven protection is don’t buy from any website created during the pandemic even if they say they are “Supposed Experts’”.

Any website created selling masks that has been created this year AVOID. They are likely to be scammers, fake products all out to profit on fear.

We have looked at many of these sites and they are selling products that are illegal to sell in the UK, selling on the word CE approved when the product is not to CE certified standard but only stands for Chinese export and certificates that mean nothing.  These people have set up to illegally sell 

Without having to be an expert in certification for the face coverings / masks that can legally be sold in the UK. Simply avoid any new website set up this year.  This is very simple just put the name of the website into the nominet the domain registry.

If the website was created this year AVOID and report them to trading standards as the products will most likely be fake.

There are also a huge number of fakes being sold on third party sales platforms which should be looked into. Fake products do not protect!

Always buy from PPE and face coverings from companies that have the experience and in the company name. A company name not accoiated with PPE suddenly selling masks would fill me with fear! Please heed the above advice and ensure that you, any friends with companies who have never needed to buy PPE but are now faced with this prospect & Care Homes do not buy fake or illegal products.

Please ensure that you or your friends follow the guidance above so they are properly protected with legal products that protect as they are meant to do!